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[HD] Dog Whistler App Review (Mosquito Beeper)

iPodAppsWeekly reviews a new FREE application entitled, "Dog Whistler". Very Exciting. GET IT NOW: ...

Fun with dog whistle Android app

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Do dog whistles work?

This was a hard review. When I tried this whistle out, my dog responded, but so did everyone else. The whistle is adjustable for range, but I didn't find any range ...

Whistle's New 'Find My Dog' GPS Device

Whistle announced a new GPS device to make sure you never lose your pet. The new product, dubbed WhistleGPS, uses both GPS and sub-GHz cellular ...

Dog Whistler iPhone App Review iApplicate.1

Plain and simple, the Dog Whistler app is a whistle for your dog! Dog Whistler is brought to you by Mobizzo, and is available for download on iPhones now.

Fun with dog whistle Android app

Dog Whistle (Dog Training Android app)

Firstly, This Dog Whistle app is not for fun purposes. Because it uses high frequency range upto 22Khz that we cannot hear but dogs hear and disturp them in a ...

App Review - Dog Whistler. Circulens.

Who hates lazy dogs? Crazy dogs? Dumb dogs? You? Well, you heartless mean person, you should get this app anyways, you can annoy your friends and ...

Dog Whistler App Review (ipod touch)

this is a review on one of my favorite apps for my ipod touch. it's $0.99 at the itunes store. i recommend this app. let me know if you thought it was helpful or not in ...

More fun with dog whistle app on hero phone

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